Our Work

Our Mission:

To Provide, Serve and Enrich the lives of underprivileged individuals and families by offering food, clothing and education.

Embrace Education:

“Embrace the passion for education and spread the passion to the underprivileged. ”

In the 21st Century, where there is so much advancement in various aspects of life including several effective solutions to any problem the world has to throw or an individual has to face, Education should have been a basic right which is accessible and affordable to all. Since, it is not always a possibility that everything in life can be calculated, there is always a group of people left out without having access to any of the opportunities to educate and better themselves.

For these children who have a lot of potential but no avenues or outlets to help them, thereby making Educating a distant dream, we have made it our mission to give them hope and chance by offering them support. Since one size solution does not fit all, we intend to achieve our mission by understanding the need of the recipient and offer aide to their specific requirements. We also aim at planning several workshops throughout the year and offer school supplies.

Embrace Hunger Relief:

“Embrace Our fight against hunger and help us never let anyone go hungry again “

Hunger is the one demon that you would never want to face. It is the most fundamental necessity for every living being and should not be a cause of sufferance when the Earth provides and everything we need to survive. Hunger is the worst thing imaginable for any person to suffer in this age and era where there is so much excess all around. When we look around see, so many of us generate food waste without even batting an eye and don’t realize that there is still approximately 12.7 % (according to the UN research) of the world population struggling each day to feed themselves and survive.

“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.”
— Bono

The words of Bono strike a perfect chord with our mission and we seek everyone to join us in this fight against hunger. We as people should come together and help people fighting hunger. Our mission to collect food and donate to food banks to help reach as many people as we can. We plan and aim at doing as many donation camps as possible and are always finding new ways to feed the hungry.

Embrace Financial Support:

“Embrace an in-need orphan/underprivileged child’s financial needs and give them a chance at life by helping them make their dreams a reality”

Hopelessness – Imagine a world where there is no hope, no escape but sheer desperation over your life. Now, if this is the feeling of a child who has entire his/her life ahead of them feels a life of no hope, dreams and no escape from their rut of a life. There is nothing more heartbreaking and we feel that this is not a feeling that young child has to face. This hopelessness is what we aim to fight against. We want to make it our mission to offer financial support to orphan/underprivileged kids for their everyday needs and educational needs and give them a fighting chance at life. We want to give them a better chance at life and support them dream big and make their dreams come to fruition.